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FAQ: Service Menu Free Trial

Online Interactive Services Menus are quick to setup and profitable to use...  Check out the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Services Menus and the DealersEdge free trial offer. 

Is the Free Trial version a 'light' version or 'final' version of the program?
The Free Trial version is the final version of the program that you will be using.  It is fully functioning, fully featured, and fully supported.

Are the menus setup with the manufacturer recommended services?
Yes.  The menus are pre-populated with the manufacturer recommended services, including Maintenance Minder codes if applicable.  You fill out a short price list of services, and the programming logic applies the services to the correct model, year and mileage interval.

How long does it take to get the pricing setup?
Determining your pricing and entering it into the Online Wizard will take under 1 hour for most manufacturers. You can enter the prices online yourself, or if you prefer, you can print out a worksheet, fill in your prices ahead of time, and setup an online meeting with your personal Menu Specialist to walk through the online entry with you and answer any final questions. With your prices in hand, it typically takes 15-20 minutes to enter them online.

How do price changes get handled?
You can make instant changes yourself at any time, so your pricing is always up to date.

Can I add in my own services?
Yes.  You have total control over your dealership recommended services, including what you want to sell, prices, and the mileage intervals where you want them to appear on the menus.

Can I use my own op-codes?
Yes.  You'll enter your op-codes for services into the service menu online editor along with prices.  When a menu is displayed for a customer, it will also display the op-codes for any services that are selected.  Once a menu sale is completed with a customer, your service advisor simply adds the op-codes that are displayed onto the repair order in your DMS.

Are the menus integrated with the DMS systems?
DMS integration is not included at this price point. As a practical matter the menus are designed to be setup and operate as a fully functional sales tool without the additional cost of being tied to the DMS system. Available DMS integration pulls customer and vehicle information, so that it's displayed on the menu for a more customized look, and sends the op-codes to the DMS so that the RO is populated.  Cost and availability is dependent on your DMS version.

Can I print a menu for a customer?
Yes.  You can print it, and even email a copy of the menu to a customer right from within the program.

How do I show the menu to a customer?
You can either print a copy, or show it to him on your service advisors computer monitor.  If your service advisor stations are not setup for the customer to easily see their screen, it's very typical for dealerships to add a second monitor that shows the same display to easily follow along.

Can I display the menus on a tablet?
Yes. Any device with an Internet connection can be used to display the menus. Android and Apple based tablets are specifically supported...with the proliferation of new tablets, the display code can be adjusted for other tablets on a case by case basis.

Can I add the menus to my dealership website?
Yes.  The menus can easily be added to your website at any time.

Are there any other sales aids to help my advisors make a presentation?
Yes.  The program comes with talking, animated movies that explain popular services in 20-30 seconds...far faster than an advisor can.  They are easily accessed right from the menu itself, by clicking on the service description.

Does this come with a reporting program?
Yes.  The primary focus of our reporting suite to help you ensure that your menu program is being used by your service advisors, and being able to track their progress.  You can even have daily/weekly/monthly results automatically sent to you by email so that it's at your fingertips.

How much support is provided?
Our program is extensively documented with online help, online videos, and 'wizards' that walk you through most things that you need to know. Fully supported also means that you will be assigned your personal Menu Specialist that is available by both email and direct phone number to answer your questions, and help you get the most out of your program...both during your Free Trial, and on an ongoing basis...and is always available to conduct online meetings to help with the menu setup or installation or no additional cost.

When do I start to pay for the program?
Once you're happy. Before the end of your 30-day Free Trial, we'll send you an invoice for the setup and the first month of licensing, service and support. If you'd like to continue, just send us a payment prior to the end date of your Free Trial...if you don't want to continue, just drop us a note, and we'll discontinue the program for will owe nothing.

How about if I want to cancel a few months down the road?
There is no long-term commitment. You can cancel at any time...just drop us a note prior to the end of any month, and you'll owe nothing further.

How easy is this to get going?
The best thing to do is just give it a try and find obligation...just fill out the Free Trial registration information, and you can start right away.  You'll immediately receive an email outlining the steps to getting started, and the direct contact information for your Menu Specialist.  You can literally have your menus up and running within 1 hour.

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